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By playing with movements, colors and geometrical abstractions one can achieve creative and curious results. In this case, the inspiration comes from birds that we are so familiar with: sparrows.

Even behind these curious shapes is a toilsome work done by professionals. So that this project could come to life, it was necessary to first model and animate the birds.

The modelling of the bird didn’t need to be perfect or anatomically correct since it’s shape would ultimately be deconstructed. However, its animation is very precise. Videos were used as reference to capture the bird’s natural movements.


Birds Making of

Birds Making of

Bird 3D Model

Bird 3D Model


It almost seems like lost time to recreate all of this when it doesn’t actually show like this in the final video. But Matt Frodsham states that without these previous steps, the bird wouldn’t have a soul nor natural movements.

The materials assigned in the reconstruction of the bird are connected to what us, humans, think of when we think of birds: feathers, twigs, leaves, eggs, nests, worms…

The result is not only interesting but also seems to be really fun to make.

Birds: The Making of

To continue exploring your curiosity, you can take a peek at the making of.

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The multimedia girl. Lover of animation, Pokemon, travels and cute things. Believer of power of gamification and curious by the new technologies. Enjoys working on new illustrations, in special that colorful and funny ones.

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