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Combining success and movement

When we surf on the web is very common to stumble upon with various GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). But there’s a technique that has so much more potential that the traditional GIFs that reaches capable results to please the eye: cinemagraphs. This technique combines photography and video in a way to preserve moment in time.

Coco RochaCoco Rocha

On a cinemagraph just one element or part of an image has movement. In this way, just one part of the photography becomes alive. It’s more than a photograph but it doesn’t become a video.

A nossa atenção foca-se em algo que o autor quis salientar. O momento fica preservado no tempo.Our attention is focused on something the author wanted to point out. The moment is preserved in time.

Everything started with a fashion event, more specifically NYFW (New York Fashion Week). Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, photographers, wanted to discover a better way to show the audience how it was to live that experience. Through cinemagraphs they got a good way to tell a story. Fashion and cinemagraphs were a good combination!


Uma maneira inteligente de salientar as características do produto.A clever way to highlight the features of the product.

O cinemagraph tem a capacidade expressar a sensação de velocidade e força do vento.The cinemagraph has the ability to express the feeling of speed and strength of the wind.

We can verify that this technique has cinematographic quality and governs itself by photography principles. Using it can be a plus when we want to show a product characteristics or to emphasize one or more moments in time. It’s an excellent way of art and communication to share on social media. It will certainly draw attention.

See Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck website

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