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Why should your corporative video be animated?

A good way to promote our business and our services is by using a corporative animation video. This specific corporative video allows to explain the business idea through shapes, colors, characters, design, music and sound effects. This type of video is perfect for startups. But why?

They are the perfect pitch

These videos help the viewer to understand in a easy, quick and attractive way, which service or product determined company is offering. Motion graphics and whiteboards are great to explain more complex concepts.

Starbucks & Twitter: Tweet-A-Coffee

They are the image of the company

When we talk about animation, the possibilities are infinite. Through animation we can create characters, colors, backgrounds or any other graphic element that helps the company to enhance their brand image.

The target identifies itself with the brand

Every set of graphic and sounds that animation can transmit are a plus. This way, it exists the possibility to create characters who are similar to the target. For example, the character can have the same age, job, clothing or life issues.

Your business is the movie star

We have total control in the animation production and that’s why we make the brand, product or service that we are promoting shine brighter. We choose the style and the tone which we want to approach the viewer in order to have a better impact.

They lead to action

With an attractive animation we also should input a call-to-action just to say to the audience what they are supposed to do after watching the video. We can encourage them to buy the product, to subscribe the company’s newsletter or just simply to share the video online.


Why should your corporative video be animated?

A corporative animation video can be a great opportunity to create a connection between the brand and the viewer. But which animation techniques are available for my company? If they have quality, they become more attractive and boost the viewer’s confidence to the company.

If you got interested in the potential that this animation could bring to you company, talk to us!

Vera Costa

The multimedia girl. Lover of animation, Pokemon, travels and cute things. Believer of power of gamification and curious by the new technologies. Enjoys working on new illustrations, in special that colorful and funny ones.

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