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6 Animation Techniques for your company

Animation is becoming more and more required by companies thanks to their unique and highly flashier features. But which animation techniques can my company use?


Motion Graphics

Approaching a topic through motion graphics makes it a life and movement that you it wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. It’s a very versatile and appealing technique to the human eye. In fact, it’s one of the most used techniques nowadays. When we want to transmit a more abstract and complex concept it can be the best choice.



It’s one of the most popular styles. The character, the context and the storytelling all together influence the viewer approach with the topic. With this, the video must transmit all the brand’s emotion and personality.

Cartoon Character Animation


There’s pratically no limits when it comes to what a 3D video can show. On the other hand, it’s one of the most time consuming techniques when it comes to production but the result are excellent and capable to appeal the eye of everyone.


Stop Motion

It’s one of the oldest techniques but has the ability to bring successful results. It is based on movement illusion through a succession of multiple stopped frames. Nowadays it’s less used for the fact that it consumes a lot more time that the digital techniques.

Fontanel Jobs – Graphic Design

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos are the ones who drawings are created by an artist in a white board. This technique can keep the attention of the viewer for the fact that the drawings are being drawn right in front of the its eyes. It’s particularly used on an educational aspect or when we want to explain a complex concept.

The Science of Aging


Rotoscoping it’s not one of the most known techniques mas with it it’s possible to create very interesting and uncommon animations. This is an analogue based technique and as it happens with stop motion, it becomes a more longer production.

Redrawing Taylor Swift Shake it Off Rotoscoped

Time to take a risk!

Choose one of this animation techniques


Such as big or small companies have a lot to win when investing on an animation, being for advertising or more institutional.

Now that you know the techniques, which is the more accurate for your company and for your project? Talk to us and we’ll give you our professional opinion. If you still have questions about why should you bet on animation, see this article.

Vera Costa

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