ULED TV Advertising

When advertisement takes it further

What amazing animation. And it is an advertising!

The charming animation we share today advertises the new and sophisticated product of the company Hisense: a ULED TV. The result is impressive. The animation was made in 4K resolution and mixed live action and 3D animation images.

The characters presented were able to portray the spirit of the brand and take it further. The spectator is invited to follow a loving explorer and a little robot on a gorgeous journey that ends up showing the potential of the product.

“Hisense ULED” by Ember Lab

If all advertisement were like this, I wouldn’t mind sitting on the couch and changing the turning on the TV to watch them. You can also see the making of and learn what techniques were behind the production.

Vera Costa

The multimedia girl. Lover of animation, Pokemon, travels and cute things. Believer of power of gamification and curious by the new technologies. Enjoys working on new illustrations, in special that colorful and funny ones.

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