Lisboa Games Week

Lisboa Games Week has come for 4 crazy days


oday (Thursday, 17th November) starts Lisboa Games Week. This four days Portuguese event is all about video games, technology and entertainment. There we can have the opportunity to experience the latest in the digital entertainment industry. What crazy days!

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You can experience the latest news of videogame world or even have access to those that have not yet been released, like Horizon: Zero Dawn. But it is not all. You can participate in competitions with other players in games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Overwatch. In addition to console competition, there is also Cosplay competition.  I love this one because it’s so much fun to see all those Cosplays. Some are really well made. Of course, I want to see who will be the winner.

The retro game area is also a good one because you have the chance to play that old but gold arcade games. The simulator environments are really great too. This technology bring a lot of fun for those looking for an experience closer to reality.

You can also find Indie games. It is an opportunity  to small studios and international companies be together.  The Portugal best ones are there for sure.

For those who are interested in the video game career or just for those who want to know more, ISCTE-IUL is there to teach and give some tips to curious minds. Really nice, isn’t it?

Finally, famous youtubers are around there so you can ask for an autograph.

In case you want to come at Lisboa Games Week

The event fills the pavilions, it’s a lot of people. If you have the chance to go, the tickets are on sale. Above you find a short video presenting the event.

Lisboa Games Week 2016.

Pic: Instagrammer @ruacomunicacao;
Pics: Instagrammer @lisboagamesweek;
Pic: Instagrammer @rafa_pt_.


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