IllumiRoom: An immersive gaming experience

One of the purpose of television it’s being the stage for videogames processing. Despite the tv screens which have been evolving, we are still confined to the screen limits. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. IllumiRoom it’s capable to take the game area even further than the tv screen thanks to its projections around it.


Video games are normally associated with playing at home, more likely at our living room. But there’s no need to limit IllumiRoom to this private space. A company can usufruct from this technique as well.

Why not showcase to the audience/client your new product/service through IllumiRoom? An event, an inside company installation or even a public space could be good ways to dazzle your client.

Even if a lot of times we associate video games to a younger audience, the audience between 25 and 34 represent a big portion of the video games market. Therefore, the capacity to captivate the attention and interest is bigger.


The extent of setting off the tv screen and the adaptation of the livingroom physical space effects create immersive atmospheres to the player.


The projector responsible for the images is capable of self calibrating and to function in almost any space locating the tv automatically. But one projector it’s not enough to do the magic. It’s also necessary a Kinect depth sensor. This way it’s possible to pick up the geometry of the living room.

This technique besides appealing has also a lot of advantages. The main one is that fact that the player doesn’t need to use any accessory to start playing, on the contrary of what happens with other techniques like virtual reality.

IllumiRoom will definitely leave a mark on the person who experiences it.
Vera Costa

The multimedia girl. Lover of animation, Pokemon, travels and cute things. Believer of power of gamification and curious by the new technologies. Enjoys working on new illustrations, in special that colorful and funny ones.

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