Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake

Can’t stop the feeling? Just loop it!

For us, this is the best song of 2016! Well, I confess: I am the Timberlake’s fan, but this year everyone in the office went crazy with this song (even the boss!).

Our team started listening to this song through the “First Listen” video, featuring the cast of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls. In fact, this tune is part of the the soundtrack of the film Trolls, for which Timberlake serves as the executive music producer.

We put it into practice our skills…

We got so addicted to the song that, each time we listened Justin Timberlake saying “One more time!”, we needed to start it all over again. So, we came up with the idea of making a page with “Can’t Stop The Feeling” in loop and now, it just loops automatically!

If you also love this song, you can’t stop listening (and dance) it, go ahead and check our page!

Can you stop the feeling? Just loop it!


About Can’t Stop The Feeling

Justin came up with the idea of writing a song, for this movie, about music making us feel good. After all, music has always been referred to as a universal language. He says that, in the scene at the end of the movie, everyone had to come together to capture that feeling.

Everyone kept talking about the “feeling” of it, and so I was like, “Well, clearly there’s something sitting right in front of us that we can’t deny.”

If you like this Timberlake’s style, don’t get too excited. He says that everything he’ve been working on so far for the new record doesn’t sound anything like “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”.

Andreia Calhau

Even with a sleepy face, she’s always ready for a challenge. Highly proactive and full of “scalabis” culture. Audiovisual is her thing and her inspiration sources are endless: from shorts films on Vimeo to the one and only Justin Timberlake.

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