Challengermode home screen

Challengermode, earn money playing

Like playing?How about earn money while playing ? Perfect! Now you can! Earn money playing League of Legends or Counter Strike.


Challengermode earn money playing

Challengermode home screen

Swedish company Challengermode, wants you to earn money by playing popular games such as League Of Legends or Counter Strike.

Portugal Multimedia met with Philip Skogsberg Challengermode’s CMO, a very nice guy, at the 2016 Lisbon Websummit, and he briefly introduced us to Challengermode concept and platform.

The Stockholm based team came up with the idea, change the way people look at gaming. They want gaming to be considered a sport, and as in any sport the champions must be rewarded.


challengermode team

challengermode team

In they’re own words “We believe that competitive gaming is a serious sport that deserves the same level of professionalism and accessibility as that of any other popular sport. Our vision is to create the most accessible competitive gaming experience online by bringing together gamers, game makers and esports organizers on one platform.

To do so they’ve created a platform with social features to aggregate players around the world, and from there they started to notice what was missing in online playing community. Game on!

Challengermode offers several features to gamers like team Tournaments, Challenges wich are a head-to-head queue mode, instant messaging and more.

You can bring your team, if you have one, or at the platform you can join the dedicated team finder and find a team or new team members to enter tournaments with.

Phillip said Challengermode has free tournaments every day no matter your skill level. So the idea is that you keep practicing every day and shouldn’t be discouraged if you’re not a ‘pro’ gamer.

Improving skills is also thought. These guys created ‘Your Challenger Flux’ score tells you how good you are compared to others on Challengermode. They say it’s more than just a ranking, it’s something that will keep you getting better and gives you that same perception.

Once you get the feel and touch and become noticed, you get featured on the Challengermode stream and have your matches casted by pro casters.


Challenger Flux

Challenger Flux


What games are on Challengermode

By the time we talked to them (about two months ago) you could only play League Of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive. Hope more games are added in the future.

If you play League Of Legends (LOL) connect your Summoner to Challengermode so game results are automatically validated or your Steam Account if you’re a Counter Strike gamer.

Earning money

The truth is we haven’t yet tried Challengermode. But we will, at least I’ll give it a shot. According to Challengermode you can earn money playing and this is also offered in different ways, for example you earn money for every kill on Counter Strike Global Offensive as well as winning Tournaments.

I went to their website and I found this information, ‘(…) In the end use your money on Challengermode or withdraw easily with a Visa or Mastercard.’

I don’t know better how this might work. Nor how much can one earn or even what worth what. I believe Challengermode could and should be more specific as questions like ‘is there a fee I have to pay?’ or ‘do I loose money if I loose my game’, or ‘what do exactly do I win’ will arise… unfortunately their website doesn’t unveil all that much.

If you’re interested you should visit they’re website at, make sure you read all terms and services they offer before you engage.

I really hope you guys comment on this post, so that we all can read your thoughts and suggestions as well as the Challengermode team.


Happy gaming and a happy 2017!

Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments.

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