“LOCKER ROOM” by Gatorade - Why is video so important for a brand (and tips for it success)

Why is video so important for a brand (and tips for it success)

We all know that visual and audio content plays an importante role on our daily lives. We watch tv and web video and we go to movies. All the big brands show up on these platforms with amazing advertising spots. But… What about the other companies? Does it make sense to invest in video to promote their business?

It does!

And the trend is increasing: video is essential. The major brands are doing it! According to Cisco, by 2018, 84% of Internet traffic will be video (full article here).

A video can be the deciding factor for the growth of a company or the success of a product. The online presence for itself isn’t enough and pages filled with text will make us close the browser.

We all know that video content grabs our attention more easily. We also know that we tendentiously click on a video content rathert than a regular link. In addition, a video content keeps us longer on a website.

What about factual data?

1 – A video ensures a better search rankig on Google

Not even Google enjoys pages filled with text. The search engine gives priority to websites that contains video content. That way, the companies that doesn’t have a video are less likely to be found online by potential customers.

2 – A video is easily sharable

When someone gets involved with a video, even if that is a branded content, there’s a huge chance that it will be shared on social networks. If instead of the video there was a text about the brand, let’s face it: no one would have the patience to read or share. Sharing is synonymous with free advertising! And the word of mouth has always been a marketing tool par excellence.

3 – A video can go viral!

You don’t need to go viral to bring a brand close to their audience, and there’s not a secret formula to make it happen (but this article gathers what 5 viral videos have in common). But if that happens, it is guaranteed that the brand will become popular. The website will have more visits. There will be more interested consumers. This engagement redounds in the increase of revenues and the company’s reputation.

So, if there are only advantages, let’s do it!

There isn’t a lot of rules but… keep it short! We want to catch the attention of a potencial customer. We don’t want to make him fall asleep with our video. In most cases, one minute is more than enough to deliver our message.

We can then have several types of videos:

– Branded videos;

– Videos that show a company and its activity;

– Videos that introduce or explain how to use a new product.

There are even brands that reinforce their online presence with user generated content. GoPro, for example, lives up its slogan “Be a Hero” on its social marketing strategy. The brand gives consumers the opportunity to see their video shared on GoPro’s website and social networks, which at the same time frees the need to create content for itself. The possibilities are endless!

We usually associate branded videos to big brands, which no longer need to say who they are or what they do. Usually they leave their mark in a subtle way. The goal is that the viewer only becomes aware that it is an advertising film at the end of it. Until then, the audience is just involved by the story that is being told, that should be emotionally strong and support the purpose of the video.

“LOCKER ROOM” by Gatorade. Directed by AG Rojas and produced by Park Pictures.

“LOCKER ROOM” by Gatorade is an excellent example. Along the video we are touched by the team spirit, motivation, determination and the ambition of the characters. In the end we realize that it is an ad for Gatorade, an energy drinks brand. We can immediately associate everything that we felt through the video with the brand. That’s a subtle and well achieved way to tell “Do you want to be like them? Drink Gatorade” without even mentioning that it is a energy drink. The videos “TRUST YOUR POWER” by Duracell and “BE MORE HUMAN” by Reebok are other great examples, also directed and produced by AG Rojas and Park Pictures, respectively.

There are no rules and, of course, a brand with less notoriety can make a video of this kind – but we must take other factors into consideration. For example, we should include a call to action message more directly. It is also important to make sure that costumers know where to find the company or how to contact it.

On a typical corporate video, that shows the values and mission of the company, it is recommended to convey trust and credibility. It is usual to see testimonials from employees or clients and, of course, someone standing for the company.

But, depending on the brand needs, it may be more important to talk directly with the potential consumer…

…Instead of introducing your company. And thinking a little bit outside the box, we can say “Who are we? What we do? How do we work?” in a different way, that captures the audience attention in a more efficient manner.

“Healthy Films” produced by alex pixel.

This video explains in 45 seconds all we need to know about the company. In an original way, they relate the service they offer with the business area they operate: health. We learn that they make videos for health related companies, realize their work method, and we come to know their mission: do marketing differently in health. The video ends with a call to action and their website. They invite the audience to visit it. Of course, the technical quality of the video is important and, in this, case the Motion Graphics are contagious. The ingredients for success are gathered!

Then, the word is sharing. On the website, on social networks, via e-mail. Luckily we managed to be shared by several people, which will increase brand recognition. Share = Free advertising!

Andreia Calhau

Even with a sleepy face, she’s always ready for a challenge. Highly proactive and full of “scalabis” culture. Audiovisual is her thing and her inspiration sources are endless: from shorts films on Vimeo to the one and only Justin Timberlake.

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