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More images on social media, more interaction

Our brains process visual elements 60 throusand times faster than they do text. When things are put in this way, there’s no denying the importance that images have on a company’s online presence. If we wish to attract the attention of more potential clients, images are a great help. Images on social media? The more, the merrier!

Thus, we should concern ourselves with the look that we give to our social media platforms just as we do with the look of our company on any other situation and/or place.

There are two types of visual content that we should pay attention to:

1 – The profile page

A good presentation is already half of the work done to capture the interest of our intended target. Therefore, we should worry about profile images and cover images, that should not only be attractive to the eye but also give information, in a visual way, about our company and what we do.

Profile picture

Here’s the most important factor: when we interact on social media, be it by leaving coments, following people, or leaving likes on contents (and other types of interaction particular to each network), it’s our profile picture that represents us. Whoever notices us will only see our username and our profile picture at first. When we think about our profile picture, we should think: “What picture do I want to have represent my company?”.

Cover picture

The cover picture should complement the profile picture, seeing as many times they

foto de capa Facebook2 – CONTENT

In 2013, a study concluded that 93% the Facebook posts that generate more engagement are images. Only 2% are links, another 2% are víderos, 3% are status updates. The difference between the percentage of engagement with images and other types of posts is so big that it’s even hard to believe it’s true.

But seeing as this is the reality, posting more images on our social media platforms becomes an obvious move for those who want to see their content be shared and liked.

What kind of visual posts can we do?

All posts become more likely to be shared if they include an attractive image.

John Berger, in his book Ways of Seeing, says:

“(...) unless our words, concepts, ideas are hooked onto an image, they will go in one ear, sail through the brain, and go out the other ear.”

Here are some types of posts you can do with images:

Images of your product/service


Behind-the-scenes pictures


Pictures of your team

equipaFeatured images of your blog posts




Suggestion: feature people in your images regularly. Whether it’s your or your team, or even strangers that you’ve found on stock images. What’s important is that people relate to other people. And if I feel like I relate to a certain image, it’s much more likely that I’ll share it with my friends.

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Even with a sleepy face, she’s always ready for a challenge. Highly proactive and full of “scalabis” culture. Audiovisual is her thing and her inspiration sources are endless: from shorts films on Vimeo to the one and only Justin Timberlake.

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