Lindfield Coffee - Creative coffee winks to creative people

Creative coffee winks to creative people

We, creative people by nature, can’t live without a cup of coffee. But what about coffee with a beautiful packaging? Hands down!

The new look of Lindfield Coffee Works packaging reflectes their strong sense of locality and artisan process. The handcrafted illustrations of the local characters and the graphic label of each single origin coffee, are the perfect match of traditional and modern elements. Thumbs up for the agency Studio Parr and for the creative director Will Parr.

Lindfield Coffee 2_lindfield-coffee 4_lindfield-coffee 6_lindfield-coffee

Andreia Calhau

Even with a sleepy face, she’s always ready for a challenge. Highly proactive and full of “scalabis” culture. Audiovisual is her thing and her inspiration sources are endless: from shorts films on Vimeo to the one and only Justin Timberlake.

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